About Us

With highly specialized and effective services for different scenarios, WI HR Consulting has been providing valuable support for almost 8 years, helping medium- and large- sized companies to achieve their goals and target.

Our Objectives & Vision

Our society is increasingly extensive changes. Companies have to face demanding challenges and problems, especially in the HR sector, owing to multiple and increasingly various influencing factors and changing in market. Whether a company is competitive and extensive is, after all, determined by the people that make up the company boost and make good status in market. The decreasing number of top performers on the job market coupled with the need for increasingly qualified and experienced employees requires efficient recruitment and placement methods, making Human Resource Development more and more crucial. In other cases, companies have to face to critical market developments by releasing employees. To become nationally and internationally acclaimed company revolutionizing the way that industry perceives the Human Resource Management as a strategic business partner.

Our Consulting Specialties:

Searching for executive and specialist and top management staff, our key consulting service, is a highly effective task. Long term success of companies is ensured by allocation of the most experienced & educated employees as per requirement to various positions by WI HR Consultant.

Our organizational and human resources development consulting service helps companies as well as employees to undergo lasting, positive changes by means of individual, integral and particularly practicable solutions. Our company helps to solve the problems through training and development under the umbrella of SEED.

Our success and work speak for itself. Impressive success rates as well as a high degree of customer satisfaction, reported by both companies and employees, are key elements of the fast positive development of WI HR Consultant. Let’s find solutions together. We make effective and efficient way to face the challenges.